Watermelon Drink Recipe | Cool Drinks and Summer Drinks

Watermelon Drink Recipe | Cool Drinks and Summer Drinks

         Hi friends, topic is ” Watermelon Drink Recipe, Cool Drinks and Summer Drinks “. We all know how the watermelons relax us in this kind of summer hot days. Watermelon consist lots of water along with glucose, fructose and many more proteins and minerals, which helps human body to become re-hydrated and energetic. But eating watermelon in traditional way it sometimes seems boring.

Watermelon Drink Recipe | Cool Drinks and Summer Drinks

         That’s why sometimes we want to taste it in different ways without loosing its taste. Here are the way in which you can make the juice of the watermelon and taste it without losing the original flavor. Today we are going to make the cool drinks made up of watermelon. It is the very popular type of summer drinks. So Guys let’s read this “how to make watermelon drink?” at home. I Hope you will enjoy it 😉

Ingredients for Watermelon Drink Recipe :

  • Take some watermelon pieces.
  • 1-2 tbsp of rose cyrup or (sugar+rose water).
  • Chat masala powder or (salt + little pepper).
  • A lemon juice.

Procedure to make Watermelon Drink Recipe :

    1) Take watermelon pieces and add them into blender also add small amount of rose cyrup Because it sweetened the watermelon drink and also gives very nice hint refreshing hint of rose essence.

Watermelon Drink Recipe
Cubes of watermelon

    2) If you don’t have rose cyrup you can add a little bit of sugar and rose water or rose essence to this drink.

    3) Also add some chat masala powder to the blender if you don’t have chat masala you can add some salt and little pepper.

    4) Add a lemon juice as per your requirement.

    5) Now it’s time to blend it.

    6) After blending pass that drink through tea strainer so that the watermelon seeds should get removed or you can remove it before blending.

    7) Add few ice cubes, few meant leaves into the drink.

    8) Now your watermelon drink recipe is ready . You can refrigerate it and enjoy it later.

Advantages of Watermelon Drink / Watermelon juice benefits

            Watermelon contains a good quantity of potassium which helps us to fight heart disease. Along with this it contains the amino acids arginine and citrulline which help keep arteries, blood flow as well as overall cardiovascular organs functioning. The citrulline present in watermelon drink improves our cardiovascular health. Moreover, it also contains lycopene, vitamin C, and beta-carotene which help us lower cholesterol and prevent us from lot of cardiac problems as well. To keep your healthy heart, your diet should be low in fat and cholesterol and rich in antioxidants. Watermelon drink certainly meets all of those requires.

Watermelon Drink Recipe | Cool Drinks and Summer Drinks

So this is very simple and tasty recipe you must try. 
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