Top 11 Food You Should Eat in Summer


As we know in summer there is lots of chances to get dehydrated. So to keep hydrated we need to eat and drink carefully. But lots of peoples doesnt know to eat or drink to keep the body hydrated. There are lots of food and drinks we can take to keep our body hydrated. Some of the best food to you should eat to keep yourself hydrated.


Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) is a scrambling and trailing vine in the flowering plant family Cucurbitaceae. It contains lots of glucose as well as water. It is developed in tropical and subtropical territories worldwide for its huge eatable natural product, otherwise called a watermelon, which is a unique sort of berry with a hard skin and no inside division, organically called a pepo. The sweet, succulent tissue is generally dark red to pink, with numerous dark seeds, albeit seedless assortments have been developed. The organic product can be eaten crude or cured and the skin is eatable in the wake of cooking. You can make lots of delicious recipes using Watermelon. You can Make salad as well as shake and juice also


Tomato contains lots of water which help to keep us hydrated all the day. Tomato also contains antioxidants with Vitamin C, they are also contain beneficial phyto-chemicals such as lycopene, which contribute a big role in chronic diseases—especially cancer. Also Good for Your Bones and Repairs Damages from Smoking. It also make our heart healthy and Controls Blood Sugar. It Helps to Burn Fat and 



Zucchini or courgette is a summer squash. Zucchini is well-known to reduce weight, yet boost the nutrient value of your diet. It is more benificial than drinking water. It can also reduce cholestrol levels.



Oranges are the fruit which is low in calories and full of nutrients, they also promote clear, healthy, skin and it can help to lower our risk for the many diseases as part of an overall healthy and the varied diet. Orange Contains 88% of vitamin C. oranges make the perfect snack and add a special tang to many recipes; it is no wonder that they are one of the most popular fruits in the world


It is the cure to sweet craving, fruit is a much better alternative than sugar-packed cookies, pastries and candy. It contains glucose and water which is very helpfull to maintain the water level and energy in our body. Ample fiber in this fruits helps to maintain the blood pressure and lowers the cholestrol.


A Apple everyday keeps a doctor always is very true. An Apple contains Fibres which helps to make our heart healthy and strong. pears comes with the package of benefiting nutrients such as known as dietary fiber, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, which are important for optimum health.


 It contains lot of calcium, a mineral necessary for healthy teeth and bones.
One cup of yogurt also provides 38% of your daily need for phosphorus, 12% for magnesium with 18% for potassium. Also yogurt has digestive benifit also.It May Strengthen Your Immune System It Has Some Probiotics agent and beneficial bacteria that keeps your digestive system running smoothly.


When there is hot outside Green tea is a alternative for a water and the black tea or coffee. Green Tea is helpfull to reduce the cholestrol level and the heart healthy . It also has some possible health benefits, from cancer prevention to helping reduce diabetes. so lets try some green tea, you can also try it with ice.
10) SALADS WITH DARK, LEAFY GREEN VegetablesCarotenoids in orange and dark-green foods, which your body converts to vitamin A, protect skin from sun damage. There are some examples like spinach, cucumber etc. which is helpfull in order to maintain the water level and glucose level in our body. It also help to fight with diabetes and help your heart. It is a Anti-aging agent also and burn fats.
11) SUGARCANESugarcane juice is alkaline forming food because of irs high concentration of calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium and manganese in it. Illnesses similar to cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment. Helps us by reducing weight: As sugarcane juice reduces cholesterol levels in the body and has natural sugars, helps in reducing weight


Cucumbers contain a  lignin, phyto-nutrient known to provide anti-cancer benefits by promoting the protective role of the bacteria in the digestive track. It contains lots of water and glucose also which also helps to make us hydrated and energetic. Eating cucumber in summer is very effective to maintain the water level.

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