11 Delicious INDIAN STREET FOODS You Should Have to Taste

11 Delicious INDIAN STREET FOODS You Should Taste


11 Delicious INDIAN STREET FOODS You Should Have to Taste

Tags : what is the street foods of india, Panipuri,VADA PAV, POHA -JALEBI, DABELI, JHAAL MURI, AKKI – ROTTI, IDLI SAMBHAR, MIRCHI BAJJI, ALOO TIKKI, CHOLE BHATURE, SAMOSAS are the best indian street food you should taste once in your life.

India is highly famous in world for it’s scrumptious, tasty and also less expensive street foods. So here are some MOUTH WATERING street foods which have great demands by people.

     1) PANI PURI 

                Pani puri or it also called as Gol Gappa, originated in City of spirituality, Banaras in Uttar Pradesh.The dish Pani puri got this name Gol Gappa by North Indians.. Pani puri is such a common street meal and due to highly pleasant taste it is widely known in all over India.

Best Panipuri In India FeedSnoop
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               It is so simple to make that we can also prepare at home. This dish consist of circular shaped hollow Puris which are initially deeply fried till it get crispy in texture, tamarind chutney, chilly paste, spiced mint flavoured water, chopped onions, smashed potatoes and chickpeas.
               Spicy mint flavoured water is the soul of pani puri, because it adds extreme level of taste in dish .The mixture of smashed potatoes, chopped onions and chickpeas are filled in hollow puri then one tspoon of tamarind solution is added and later on the entire puri is deeped in spicy mint flavoured water and served. It served as ‘Shevpuri’ and ‘Dahipuri’.
               This street food is the heart beat of every Indian foodies.

      2) VADA PAV

               VADA PAV is not just a street food famous in Mumbai but it is also called as LIFE LINE of Mumbai. It is very relished dish. Some people even called it as “BOMBAY BURGER”, made with spicy potato stuffing. Hence it is known as “Tasty treat from the street”. 

Best Mumbai Vadapav In India Recipes

               Basically VADA PAV is made up of smashed potatoes balls mixed with regular spices then these balls are marinated in gram flour solution and after marination they are deeply fried. These balls are fixed in Bread Bun and later on served with one or two chutney along with fried green chillies. It is basically spicy and semi-dried food.
               Vada Pav is just mouth watering dish. As said before that VADA Pav is a LIFE LINE of MUMBAIKAR’S. They wait in Que for Hours n Hours only to get one magic taste.
               People from different parts of the country enjoy eating this delicious dish in Mumbai…Vada pav contains 290 calories in a single serving. That means it contain 60% of fat, 33% of carbs, and 7% of protein. Altogether VADA PAV is equivalent to one Thali meal which contains of two chapatis, Sabji ,rice and daal…



               Indore have popularity in many fields, whether it may be of Tourism or about Indore’s silk fabric. But CULINARY Skills of Indore have it’s own significance and richness , especially about street food viz POHA -JALEBI is extremely famous in Indore as a street food. It is even called as INDORI-POHA.

Indori Poha Recipe

               This tasty treat is very simple to make, this fundamentally consist of flattened rice (poha) , sliced onions, peanuts, pomegranate seeds , corriander leaves and dedicated coconut is optional these all ingredients are mixed in appropriate proportion of our regular spices. Indori poha is garnished with thin finely shev. This delicious dish is served with Jalebi and also with dried moong daal.
               Overall it is very colourful dish. This dish is medium caloried food since it’s people first choice, it is available in every corner of Indore. People living in Indore very often enjoy this treat in midnight especially.

    4) DABELI

               This Ahemdabad based dish is the perfect combination of Dual taste i. e it is sour and sweet at the same time. The street food like Dabeli have more demands than any other food sold on the streets of Ahemdabad . Dabeli is also called as “Double rotii ”or “Kutch rotii” in some parts of Gujarat. It is very admirable munch from Gujarati cuisines. Basically this dish is originated from Kutchh (A City In Gujarat) regions of Gujarat state.

Indian Dabeli Recipe

               It consists of smashed potato Tikki mixed with species in proper amount. Before placing ‘Tikki’ in bread buns the tamarind chutneys which is commonly called as ‘Khatayi ‘ and green chillies chutneys are spread on inner side of bread buns. Dish have toppings of ‘SHEV’ ,POMEGRANATE SEEDS along with finely chopped coriander leaves this entire dish is served with Tasty chutneys. It is one of the delicious food enjoyed by many people

     5) JHAAL MURI

               JHAAL MURI is the Kolkata based dish. It is a puffed rice munch. Jhaal means many spices and MURI means puffed rice. 


               Some significant ingredients of Jhaal MURI are thin sliced onions, tomato, lemon syrup, puffed rice, essential spices, chanachur, shev and chillies.. This dish is lite in weight and is semi dried food.. Some people even called it as “SUKHI -BHEL” . PUFFED RICE from Jhaal muri doesn’t have it’s own aroma.. This dish gets all its flavours from rest of the ingredients. Lemon syrup, shev and finely chopped onions plays very vital role for making it tasty.. People of Kolkata says that this dish is so authentic that it adds some extra flavours in life of peoples too.. Kolkata ‘S street food would be incomplete without Jhaal MURI.. This dish is modified according to every Individual’s choice

     6) AKKI – ROTTI 

               AKKI ROTTI is originated in Karnataka state, and is very famous street food in entire state, especially in Bangalore city. 

Akki Roti Recipe

               Here AKKI means Rice ROTTI means flat bread. This Akki rotii is prepared by using rice flour and salt and water are added in proper amount so that the dough gets perfectly sets. It is very rich and tasty breakfast of people living in Karanataka. The Veritable way of preparing this dish is not just by simply rolling it up but by all flattening means by pressing on banana leaf .this authentic dish is served by thick coconut chutney.

               IDLI SAMBHAR is Chennai based dish. Basically this dish is Traditional meal for people living in south India .

Idli Sambhar Recipes

Idli sambhar is attached food breakfast, Idli are maximum times plate up with Sambhar but this varies from region to region and also by Individuals taste. Idlies are more often served with coconut chutney or with Kaara chutney which onion based. Idlies are palatable cake. Plain Idlies are clement or liye in taste, then a substance which adds flavours should be considered essentially. 
                This tasty treat is not only enjoyed by all over Indians but also by people living in Singapore, Sri Lanka and also by Malaysia. This dish is very popular meal from India and also from some neighboring nations
Read Idli Sambhar Recipe Here Click Here


                MIRCHI BAJJI is nothing but green chilly kabab . It is an Indian snack mostly enjoyed by people living in stars of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu.


               Mirchi bajji have very alternate names like Mirchi Pakora, chilly cutlets, Mirapakay bajji or sometimes Mirchi bhava. It’s main ingredients are only chilles and stuffing. Basically these chillies are scratched from the centre then the stuffing of onions, smashed potatoes mixed with proper spices are filled within it and then the whole chillies are marinated under gram flour solution, and Aftr marination they are deeply fried. This dish is served with either sauce or with mint chutney

     9) ALOO TIKKI
                    ALOO TIKKI is North India based dish. This dish is also more popular in Neighboring Nations of our country i. e in Pakistan and Bangladesh. This dish is nothing but small cutlet made up of potatoes mixed up with spices.

Image Credits: Dil-e-punjab

                   This aloo Tikki is served with many variations . Sometimes it is served with chutneys, sauce and sometimes it is also stapled with ragada then together this dish is known as ‘Ragada-patties ’ . This dish is popular in entire India, especially in norther and western side of India.. This tasty treat is basically made up of mixture of smashed potatoes, regular spices then this mixture is given shape generally in round shape and fried out. This aloo Tikki itself contains 234 calories within it..


                CHOLE BHATURE is predominantly dish from Punjabi Cuisine. From which Chole is nothing but spicy chickpeas curry and Bhature are deeply fried bread made up of wheat flour.

Easy Chole Bhature Recipes

               This dish was originated in North-western region in India. This dish is served with chopped onions in circular shape and sliced lemons. This dish of chole bhature contains 522 calories in just one serving. It have 34% of fats , 55% of carbs and 11% of protein..

This dish of Chole Bhature is very heavy dish.

    11) SAMOSAS

                A samosa, sambusa, or samboksa is a fried or baked dish with a savoury filling, such as spiced potatoes, onions, peas, lentils, macaroni, noodles, cheese, minced lamb or minced beef. Pine nuts can also be added.

Samosa Images and Recipes

                It is one of the best Street Food of India. It is also a mouth watering Snacks and street food.
               Samosas originated in Uttar Pradesh. Samosas are a popular entrée, appetizer or snack in the local cuisines of the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Southwest Asia, the Arabian Peninsula, the Mediterranean, the Horn of Africa, East Africa and North Africa.

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